Our Customers

Hightel, Inc. provides technology deployment and services to some of the nation's largest and most dynamic companies. These companies are leveraging technology to reduce costs and deliver ever more value to their customers. Hightel, Inc. has become their #1 technology service provider for Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, U.S. Virgin Islands and the Caribbean.

  • Caribe Grolier
  • Computer Inn
  • Condado Window
  • Downtown Development
  • Family Institute
  • Foam Pack
  • GDM Development
  • Homework Construction
  • Islanet Communications
  • Mail Express
  • Modern Travel
  • MRI-Puerto Rico
  • Novus, Inc.
  • Puerto Rico Supplies Co.
  • Scholastics
  • Spencers
  • US Army
  • WorldNet Telecommunications

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